Sharing Smiles

By Ernestine Angela M. Cabatac, UP Pharmacy – AHF Scholar

Seeing the happy faces of the ILP kids during the celebration of the Book Lovers Month last November 14, really made me glad. It was a great experience for me and for other AHF scholars as well. It was also a unique experience since they had fun while listening to the stories where they learned great values.

AHF’s Interactive Literacy Program (ILP) kids from Grades 1-6 were the audience of the presentation of my organization, Agapay, Kalinga at Kwentong Alay ng mga Phamaceutico (AKKAP) with the story, “Si Popong, Ang Batang Ayaw Maligo” through a play. The other AHF scholars were assigned as facilitators.

When the presentation started, I saw the curious and interested faces of the kids. They all listened attentively and I saw them enjoy the story. The story was about Popong, a kid who does not want to take a bath, was left by his mother to his grandmother. He did not take a bath for 3 days, so when he went to school, his classmates did not let him play with them because of his unpleasant appearance. In the end, he took a bath because he realized he could only play with his friends if he takes a bath.

The kids were asked to stand up to follow Popong’s dance while taking a bath. When the story ended, questions were directed to the kids who actively participated. The kids who were able to answer the question received Splash products as an incentive. After that, the kids were divided into three groups, and I was assigned into the Grades 3 and 4 group. I told them the story of “Ang Bisikleta ni Momon.” The kids introduced themselves first so that we can have an active story telling since they were already familiar with the story.

The day ended with smiles in the face of all the kids, all the AKKAP members, and the scholars. The booklovers month was indeed a successful event and an unforgettable experience..