Ang•Hortaleza Foundation Inc.

“In the beginning, it was about survival: with little capital, a growing family, and uncertain socio-economic times, we embarked on a journey of self and spirit, despite the uncertainties. We took to heart what Albert Einstein said: It is better to believe than to disbelieve. In doing so, you bring everything to the realm of possibility” echoes Dr. Rolando B. Hortaleza reflecting on the beginnings of Splash Corporation that he co-founded with Dra. Rosalinda Ang in 1985.

With a simple beginning; with dedicated people; with the strategies of vision, innovation, focus, discipline and hard work, constantly being practiced, Splash grew, progressed and continued to sculpt a niche in the market.

Blessed with two decades of consistent sales growth, a dominant local market presence and an emerging international presence, it then came naturally for the Hortaleza’s to practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a way to give back something of enduring value.

Thus, the birth of Splash Foundation, Inc. in August 6, 1997.


“We shall be known as the model social development organization working towards the advancement of Filipino progress.”


  • Promote self-reliance, productivity and local entrepreneurship through by income generating projects through livelihood programs.
  • Support education through child Literacy Programs and scholarship grants.
  • Safeguard pediatric health through child hospitalization assistance and management program.
  • Upgrade the socio-economic conditions of the less fortunate through outreach programs.
  • Uphold good values and generate awareness through public service campaigns.
  • Foster community development through environmental efforts
  • Assist the needy through charitable endeavors.

On Oct. 20, 2009, Splash Foundation, Inc. changed its name to Ang•Hortaleza Foundation Inc. that stands as the link between Splash Corporation, HBC and World Partners Group in the exercise of CSR on programs of livelihood, education, health, environment and community service. The unanimity of the Companies founded by the Hortaleza’s strengthens the realization of its vision.

The logo, named after the founders, upholds the commitment of a continued CSR that will uplift human dignity. The blue and yellow colour combination covers a vast meaning of bliss, stability and optimism for a bright future for both, the organization and its beneficiaries.


Further to the founders’ commitment, the Ang•Hortaleza Foundation Social Development Center (formerly Splash Foundation, Inc.) has been put up on July 2004, in Valenzuela City as the venue for its programs and seat of involvement in the community. The AHFI SDC houses modern equipment in the conduct of its programs such as the Livelihood training, Interactive Literacy program and Community Service.



The program promotes self-reliance, productivity and local entrepreneurship through income-generating livelihood programs. It is composed of six courses: Ganda Mo, Hanapbuhay Ko I – Basic Cosmetology, Ganda Mo, Hanapbuhay Ko II – Basic Reflexology & Therapeutic Massage, Ganda Mo, Hanapbuhay Ko III – Basic Facial Cleaning, Ganda Mo, Hanapbuhay Ko IV – Basic Hair Relaxing, Ganda Mo, Hanapbuhay Ko V-Basic Facial Make-up and Ganda Mo Hanapbuhay Ko VI – Salon Management.

The Basic Cosmetology (GMHK I)course is a five (5) day comprehensive skills training course where the participants are taught the basic techniques on hair cutting styles, hair coloring, hot oil application, manicure/pedicure, permanent hair winding and foot spa. On their graduation day, the graduates are issued a certificate of completion and starter kit as an incentive for them to become self-reliant through home service and be entrepreneurs in their own little way. Three trainings are conducted simultaneously at different venues: the AHFI-Social Development Center and the other two on field that includes Metro Manila and in the provinces.

After graduation from GMHK-1, an outreach activity, “Libreng Gupit,” is conducted by the graduates as a sign of reciprocity for the free training.

The Basic Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage (GMHK II) course is a five whole-day skills training focusing on the basic techniques in reflexology through pressing the reflex zones of the human body. Participants of this course are the graduates of Basic Cosmetology I.
The Basic Facial Cleaning (GMHK III) course is an additional skills training where they will learn basic techniques in facial massage and cleaning that includes removal of whiteheads and blackheads. The participants of this course are the graduates of GMHK I & GMHK II. This is a five half-day training scheduled every 1st and 3rd week of the month.GMHK III-A: is an advanced course on Facial Cleaning where the graduates are assigned at HBC stores for enhancement of the skills through a hands-on application to clients. This is a 5-day on-the-job training with a requirement number of twenty (20) clients that may also prepare them for a possible employment at HBC stores.
The launch of Basic Hair Relaxing (GMHK IV) is due to the demand of modern genre of hair styling. It is also an additional skills training for the graduates of GMHK I, II & III where they learn the procedure and techniques on hair relaxing, straightening & analyzing hair textures, types and conditions. This is a three-day comprehensive training scheduled every 2nd and 4th week of the month.
The Basic Facial Make-up (GMHK V) is an additional course that could be another venue for livelihood. The topic covers on how to do facial make-up that would best fit the face structure. This is a one-day training done every last Thursday of the month where the qualified participants are the graduates of GMHK Basic Cosmetology, Basic Reflexology & Therapeutic Massage, Basic Facial Cleaning and Basic Hair Relaxing.
The Salon Management (GMHK VI) is the last of the series of the skills training of GMHK beneficiaries wherein the focus of this course is to teach each participant the basic information, technique, strategies and requirements on how to manage a parlor/salon. In addition, basic bookkeeping and handling manpower are also included in the course content.

A follow through, monitoring program called Kumusta Na, is conducted to the graduates, two months after the graduation of each course in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.


The Taas Noo, Educational Assistance covers Interactive Literacy Program (ILP) for children and college scholarship grant to poor but deserving students taking up courses in Pharmacy, Cosmetic Science and other related courses. Beneficiaries are enrolled in top institutions such as the University of the Philippines, the University of Sto. Tomas, Centro Escolar University among others. Benefits include free tuition and other school related fees and a monthly stipend.

The ILP include three components: The Child, The Parent & The Teacher

The Karunungan, Kaunlaran ng Bayan is an Interactive Literacy Program (ILP) where children are currently enrolled in a multi-grade, non formal mode of education with structured curriculum at the Ang•Hortaleza Foundation, Inc. Social Development Center (AHFI-SDC) in Valenzuela City. The ILP lessons for Grades 1-3 include Reading, Comprehension, Math and Writing with enhancements and mastery for Grades 4-6 including lessons on Science and English. Values formation and educational field trips are also included.
The Mag-impok Para Sa Kinabukasan is another intervention to the Interactive Literacy Program’s beneficiaries on how to become frugal. The objective is to teach the children the essence of prudence in order to save for their future. In partnership with our sister company World Partners Bank, the project was launched on January 27, 2007. World Partners Bank has provided each beneficiary a piggy bank where everyday, they drop and save a portion of their baons.To further understand how their savings are deposited, various activities like series of seminars on how to save money, how their savings grow with interest and a tour at World Partners Bank, are all part of the program.
The Teachers’ Training Development Programis a venue to strengthen collaborations and partnership with the teachers of Valenzuela City. The objective is to assist the teachers improve teaching styles and approaches in basic computer education. The six-day training, scheduled every summer break includes application of computer software programs such as word, excel, power point presentation and the use of internet. The participants get a certificate and cd’s as reference manual.


The Child Hospitalization Assistance and Management Program provides free medicines and laboratory requirements to pediatric patients confined at the charity wards of government hospital such as the East Avenue Medical Center. Called Lunas-Sakit, the program covers free supply of prescribed medicines from the day of referral until the day of discharge which may take a period of two weeks to one month. A nurse from AHFI conducts a weekly visit to follow up on the development of the patient and confer with the attending physician.


This program consists of the following activities like Free Use of: Computer, Internet & Library; Surgical & Dental Mission, Blood Letting, Supplemental Feeding and Vertical Gardening.

The Free Use of Computer & Internet was made available to help the students in the community (who do not have computers), do research or perform their schoolassignments where a computer is required.
The Free Use of Library aims to aid the students in the community do research and borrow reference books for their school projects.
The Adopt A School Program supports the Department of Education’s thrust to improve the quality of Education through additional school facilities. The 6-classroom Canumay West Elementary School Annex at the compound of AHFI SDC was provided for 650 students of grades 3 & 4 for school year 2008-2009.
The Surgical and Dental Mission The Surgical (Tule) Mission prepare boys to manhood through circumcision. The dental mission covers tooth check-up and extraction. Medicines are also provided for the beneficiaries. This is an annual activity organized and spearheaded by the AHFI College Scholars.
The AHFI Blood Letting activity is a tie up with Philippine National Red Cross and sister companies: Splash Corporation, HBC and World Partners Group.
The Supplemental Feeding responds to the increasing number of children diagnosed to be suffering from iron deficiency causing anemia that retards the growth of the children. The program runs for six months and include activities like deworming, operation timbang, medical check-up, mothers’ class and actual feeding. The Program is usually extended to thirty (30) ILP beneficiaries observed to be undernourished.AHFI collaborates with National Nutrition Council and City Health Office of Valenzuela City in implementing this program.
In support to Supplemental Feeding and Environmental endeavors, the Vertical Gardening was launched last September2009 to promote healthy living and to encourage the ILP parents in the value of recycling empty bottles and cans in planting vegetable in their own backyard. This is also to supply the vegetable needs of the supplemental feeding like kamote tops, raddish, petchay, mustasa, ampalya, patola, okra & others.


AHFI implemented this program in support to the environmental care. This is to encourage the beneficiaries practice the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Activities like seminars regarding the 3R, actual practice (Waste Market Day) and parents taught on how to recycle magazine into paper bag were part of the intervention.
The ILP children bring recyclable materials like plastic bottles and scratch papers during the waste market day at the AHFI Social Dev. Center, where they earn points in exchange for school supplies.


AHFI was among the 20 non-government organizations cited by the former President Corazon Aquino’s People Power Movement for providing a “sense of hope, empowerment and love of country to a higher goal of empowerment and commitment.” The city government of Valenzuela also recognized AHF as the Best Corporate Foundation for 2004, while the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) awarded SFI the “Child-friendly Organization” in 2007 & 2008.


Ang•Hortaleza Foundation, Inc., recognized by the Department of Social Welfare and Development and certified by Philippine Council for NGO Certification is also a member of the League of Corporate Foundations and Associations of Foundations.


Rosalinda A. Hortaleza, MD
President & Chairperson

Michael B. Hortaleza

Lilia D. Francisco

Rolando B. Hortaleza, M.D.

Allue Krizane A. Hortaleza

AHFI Team:

Maria Aurora M. Hornedo, RSW
Deputy Managing Director

Zayrah Jane F. Cruz
Administrative/Finance Officer

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