A Remarkable Partnership

“They say that an effective teacher reflects on what their students become of in the future…. Others say, it depends on the kid’s capability and how he/she reacts to it.

At the Interactive Literacy Program (ILP) of Ang•Hortaleza Foundation, Inc., both of the above mentioned are taken into consideration so as to come up with the right intervention for the children beneficiaries especially those with learning disabilities.

With this goal, came the 3-month partnership of AHFI & the teachers of Canumay National High School that began early January of this year. The partnership, through the ATE KUYA HALINA’T MAGBASA PROJECT (AKHMB), was to improve the cognitive aspect of the children with learning difficulties. The AKHMB is a one-on-one tutorial exercise focusing on basic reading and mastery in reading comprehension.

Teacher Ryan (middle) and other volunteer teachers
evaluate their tutees through fun games.

Headed by CNHS Teacher Ryan Nodesca, the most outstanding teacher of Valenzuela City, and other 5 teachers, they volunteered one hour of their free time at the AHFI classroom doing one-on-one tutorial to the identified 10 poor reader enrollees of ILP. This was facilitated every MWF at 10:00 – 11:00 in the morning and 3:00 – 4:00 in the afternoon with AHFI providing the modules while reading materials and other fun exercises were prepared by the Teachers.

Teacher Dona explaining to the kids the
basic importance of an effective storyteller

Another activity was a one-day Storytelling Workshop, where Teacher Dona, head of the Filipino Department together with Teacher Ryan, instilled in the children the love of reading and imparting in them the basic elements, techniques on how to become effective storytellers.

April Ugali, grade 6 pupil doing
actual storytelling to her group.

As a result of what they have learned, the    children were now more often seen reading books at the library. They also authored some stories and practiced storytelling to their classmates.

AHFI together with teachers from CNHS continue to partner, collaborate and assist the children, especially those with learning disabilities to become good readers, understand what they are reading, helping them find reason to love school and taking steps in preparing them for the future.

For truly, a successful person will become because of what he/she has learned from home and school. Famous people like the Pope, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Scientists, successful Businessmen and other icons are all products of “effective” teachers.


Teacher Dona explaining to the kids the basic importance of an effective storyteller