A Bright Future For A Mother And A Daughter

AngHortaleza Foundation Inc. conducted the first Ganda Mo Hanapbuhay Ko, basic cosmetology training in partnership with HOLCIM Philippines, Inc. in Norzagaray, Bulacan on October 2009. In the second training conducted on July 2013, one is a daughter of a former graduate who completed the first GMHK training.

Mrs. Emilie A. Villarama, married to a driver, has ten (10) children; eight (8) boys and two (2) girls.  Emilie and her husband are both college undergraduates.  Since, it was really hard raising and sending her children to school; she had no choice but to sell vegetables which she had bought wholesale at mountain part of their place in Sapang Saging, Norzagaray Bulacan.  Carrying and winnowing large basket sometimes cause her headache, neck and back pains.  When she got ill due to over fatigue she prayed hard and asked… “GOD please give me a new livelihood opportunity wherein I will no longer carry heavy and large baskets.”

Mother Emilie Villarama during her training at Splash Foundation

3 years ago, when mommy Emilie learned that Holcim Phils, Inc. will have a livelihood training on Basic Cosmetology, (it was Splash Foundation then) she grabbed the opportunity. On the day of the training, excitedly went to the venue and was so thankful for this chance.

After finishing the training, Emilie did not waste time, applied what she have learned through home service. She started servicing one to two customers and in no time, increased into to six   and up to fifteen (15) customers. Her newly acquired skills have been a great help to her family’s daily need especially for her children’s school expenses and it was really a fateful timing because during that time her husband was out of work.

Recently, Holcim Phils. Inc. CSR Department again, requested for another GMHK training. At a time, Mommy Emilie was saddened by the fact she can no longer finance the education of her daughter Sunshine who is an incoming 1st year college student for the school year. When she again heard about the second batch of cosmetology training, she encouraged her daughter to join the training in lieu of her college education for the mean time. Emilie accompanied her daughter Sunshine and went immediately to Holcim Phils. to enlist Sunshine as one of the participants.

Daughter Sunshine for Ang● Hortaleza Foundation Inc.

Sunshine understood their family situation but Emilie thought to convince her daughter to attend the training so that she could acquire new skills that could help her gain confidence. All throughout the training period, Mommy Emilie was very supportive of Sunshine.  She accompanied her everyday not just to give moral support but to be one of the “Models” that Sunshine needs to practice on her skills.

With perseverance, patience and confidence, Sunshine had completed the 5-day training with flying colors that made her mother proud.

With the skills acquired, Sunshine with her mother now team up and together, do home service. They complement each other in doing quality work to their “satisfied” customers that has grown into quite a number.

Looking back, Emilie is very thankful to Ang●Hortaleza Foundation, Inc. for the training and skills that she and her daughter have both learned.

The GMHK have brought the children back to school and providing for their needs. The GMHK have brought a bright future to a family with a mother and daughter working together. The GMHK have brought a happy family.

Thank you to Ang●Hortaleza Foundation, Inc.!.